Vecchio Forno


At Vecchio Forno in addition to a menu featuring handmade pastas, stone oven pizzas, meat and seafood dishes, you will always find seasonal specials imported from Naples, Milan, Rome and different regions of Italy such as Tuscany; so that in each visit you will find classic flavors of Italian cuisine as well as new experiences.




Aperol SpritzProsecco Cinzano, Aperol, soda, ice and orange slice.210

Negroni BarricatoCampari, Bulldog Gin y Cinzano Rosso, matured in barrels, ice and Aperol.185

Grand MargaritaWhite tequila Espolón, lime juice, Grand Marnier, with broken ice and salted rim.185


Campari SpritzProsecco, Campari, fresh grapefruit juice, soda, ice and suprema.210Pale Rose SpritzProsecco, rosé wine, Bulldog Gin, drops of lime, ice and grapefruit twist.210Dirty Hugo SpritzProsecco, St Germain, Cinzano Extra Dry, soda, ice, brine dash and olives.210


Negroni BiancoGenettian Bitter, Bulldog Gin and Cinzano Dry, on the rocks with a lemon twist.210

Negroni Brugse ZotCampari, Bulldog Gin and Cinzano Rosso, and Belgian Blond beer cream, on the rocks.270

Negroni SbagliatoCampari and Cinzano Rosso, with Prosecco Cinzano top, on the rocks.210


Spuntino Dry MartiniBulldog Gin and Cinzano Dry Vermouth, shaken with an olive and parmesan snack.210

Fig Blossom MartiniSky Vodka frozen shaken with fresh fig, cranberry juice, lemon drops and double filtered.210

Burrata Cream MartiniBurrata buttermilk incorporated with Absolut Mandarin, shaken with Sky Vodka, lime and basil.210



Prosecco, Cinzano Pro-Spritz170

Lambrusco Reggiano DOC130


Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC, Terre Nardin160

Malvasia - Puglia IGT, 12 e’Mezzo, Varvaglione (Organic)190

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC, Fazzi Battaglia235


Nero d’Avola IGP, Tola Rosé, Terre Siciliane195


Rosso della Casa - Vecchio Forno 160

Montepulciano D ́Arbruzzo DOC, Barra 170

Primitivo, Salento IGT, Illvia, Leone de Castris 210

Corvina, Merlot- Veneto IGT, Gran Passione 235


Corona (Lager 4.6%) 70

Victoria (Tipo Viena 4.5%) 70

Amstel Ultra (Lager 4.0% 85 cals) 85

Stella (Lager 5%) 85

Angelo Porreti (Lager 5.5%) Italia 135

Zona Cesarini (Pacific IPA 6.6%) Italia 160

Brugse Zot Blond (Dorada 6%) Bélgica 160

Straffe Hendrik Tripel (Triple Dorada 9%) Bélgica 170

Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel (Cuádruple Oscura 11%) Bélgica 180



Verdure misteAsparagus, eggplants dipped in egg, sautéed mushrooms, baked zucchini, and provolone.(2 pax) 255

Burrata e prosciuttoBurrata accompanied by prosciutto, arugula, and tomato. (2pax)(2 pax) 360

Polpo e calamari al aglio olio peperoncinoMixture of grilled octopus, squid, and broccoli sautéed with olive oil, garlic, and crushed red pepper.(2 pax) 389

Carpaccio di salmoneSalmon slices with onion, lemon, caper, and olive oil.235Carpaccio di PolpoOctopus slices with onion, lemon, caper, black olives and olive oil.295Carpaccio di manzoBeef slices, onion, lemon, caper, mushroom, parmesan, and olive oil.235

Melanzane alla parmigianaEggplants dipped in egg with pomodoro sauce and parmesan.195

Provolone al fornoBaked and smoked provolone with tomato slices.220

Funghi saltati in padellaLemon or balsamic sautéed mushrooms170

Aspàragi al gustoAsparagus to taste.195


Minestrone di verdureVegetable broth with pomodoro sauce and white beans.127

Stracciatella leonardoChicken broth with spinach, egg, and parmesan cheese.127

Zuppa di lenticchieLentil soup with pomodoro sauce, leek, and onion.127

Zuppa di cozzeShelled mussel broth with white beans or white wine.251

*All of our vegetables, leaves, and fruits are fresh and of high quality. We work hand in hand with agroecological and fair trade projects with @arca.tierra and @piolkangreens

*Ask your waiter for vegan and vegetarian alternatives of our dishes.


Insalata capreseMozzarella cheese slices with tomato slices and basil.190

Insalata reginaChopped spinach, artichoke leaves, tomato, and onion over salmon carpaccio.285

Insalata grecaLettuce, olive oil, vinegar, tomato, cucumber, pepper, feta cheese, black olive, onion.198

Insalata capricciosaMixture of green leaves, dehydrated tomato, artichoke, mushroom, feta cheese, and black olives.210

Insalata Vecchio FornoBaby spinach, goat cheese, parmesan cheese, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.195

Insalata cesareCesar salad with homemade croutons175


Spaghetti e polpette napoletaneBeef Neapolitan meatballs with nut, pepper, and parsley served o pomodoro spaghetti.280

Spaghetti carbonaraWith pancetta, beaten egg, parmesan, and pepper.285

Spaghetti classicoTo choose, pomodoro, butter or aglio olio e peperoncino.210

Spaghetti ai frutti di mareWith squid, mussels, shrimp, octopus, fresh tomato, olive oil and white wine.330

Penne putanescaWith pomodoro sauce, black olive, tomato, caper, peperoncino, anchovies and parsley.230

Penne ai Tre PomodoriWith pomodoro sauce, sundried tomato, cherry tomato, ricotta cheese and basil.255

Pappardelle al ragù de vino tintoWith beef ragu on red wine reduction.260Tagliatelle al salmoneWith salmon pieces and asparagus tips in white-wine pink sauce.321Pappardelle al pestoWith pesto sauce made of basil, pine kernel, parmesan cheese, and olive oil.270

Ravioli ripieniStuffed with meat with cream and white wine or stuffed with ricotta and spinach in pink sauce.265

Lasagna della nonnaClassic lasagna with molten mozzarella.270

Gnocchi sorrentinoPotato gnocchi with pomodoro sauce, mozzarella, and basil230

* Gluten-free spaghetti or penne additional to the dish price. +39Our gluten-free pastas are prepared separately from the rest of our pastas with utensils exclusively for this purpose.

Handamade fresh pastas


Risotto Pere e GorgonzolaWith pear, gorgonzola, butter and white wine.295

Risotto gamberi e zafferanoSaffron-made accompanied by jumbo shrimps. (200g)385

Risotto al tartufo nero e burrataWith black truffle, sauce, and fresh burrata.430


Pesce alla amalfitanaWith white fish, pomodoro sauce, olives, fresh tomato along with a spicy touch. (200g)370Pargo capperi e limoneGrilled red snapper in caper sauce and lemon. (250g)450
Tonno al balsamicoTuna fish steak with balsamic reduction over parmesan risotto.(200g)398Salmone tartufatoSalmon in truffle butter sauce accompanied by spinach and white beans. (200g)398


Spezzatino CampagnoloBeef loin steak chopped and stewed with vegetables on red wine375

Filetto di manzo al peppe neroMacerated beef-steak heart with black pepper. (200g)410

Ossobuco alla milaneseVeal ossobuco stewed with herbs, pomodoro, and white wine accompanied by parmesan risotto.460

Costolette di agnelloImported baby lamb ribs in rosemary sauce.(300g)560


All our main dishes include buttered or pomodoro pasta or vegetable garnish. We also offer the following changes and extras:

Pasta changeChange your pasta garnish for pesto, four cheese, or arrabiata.45

Add chicken Add chicken to your pasta or salad. (100g)95

Sautéed spinach with white beans65

Pieces of parmesan cheese (60g)110

Green salad68

Mashed potatoes68

Foccaia order (Wait time 10 minutes)35

Gluten Free Focaccia Bread(Please note that it is made in the same oven as the regular bread)90


MargheritaTomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil.255Rucola e prosciuttoTomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, and arugula.310
Margherita di buffalaAs made in Napoli, with Mozzarella di Bufala, pomodoro sauce, extra virgin olive oil, basil, and cherry tomato.395PepperoniSalsa de jitomate, mozzarella y pepperoni.285
NapoliTomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies, and oregano.280PrimaveraTomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichoke, tomato and zucchini slices.285
Mortadella Bianca*White sauce, mortadella, burrata and a hint of pesto sauce.385Tartufata Nera*White sauce, truffle sauce, sautéed mushrooms, burrata and shavings of preserved truffle.495
MaialinoTomato sauce, mozzarella, calabrian salami, prosciutto, Italian sausage, black olive, and pepper.360Burrata specialeTomato sauce, a cooled burrata ball, prosciutto, sautéed onion, and cherry tomato.430
Dal marinaioSalsa de jitomate, mixto de marisco salteado al vino blanco con toque de peperoncino y brocolí.350DiavolaTomato sauce, mozzarella, Calabrian salami, and mushrooms.299
Salsiccia e friarielliTomato sauce, mozzarella, brocoli rabe, and Italian sausage.310CapricciosaTomato sauce, mozzarella, artichoke, mushroom, dehydrated tomato, and black olives.275
SaporitaTomato sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola cheese, and pancetta.295Del cuoco*Mozzarella cheese, gorgonzola, and pear.265

*Prepared without tomato sauce

VEGANChange your pizza cheese for a vegan one.+75MAMMA MIA!Change you pizza cheese for fresh mozzarella.+59GLUTEN FREEAdditional cost on the selected pizza+80CALZONE!Turn you pizza into a delicious calzone with extra stuffing+59

Should you have food allergies or restrictions, notify your waiter when ordering; however, we cannot guarantee strict compliance, hence, food consumption is the client’s responsibility

Please note that our gluten-free pizzas are prepared in the same oven as our regular pizzas, so there is a possibility of cross-contamination.



Espresso Borbone55

Espresso Doble Borbone 75

Espresso Correto120

Capuccino or Latte75

Americano 55

Frozen Shakerato95

We offerLight milk/skim milk/ light skim milk /Almond milk+12


Classic CarajilloEspresso Borbone, Licor 43, ice.210Rumchata CarajilloEspresso Borbone, Rumchata, ice.190Carolan's CarajilloEspresso Borbone, Carolans irish cream, ice.190


Grappa Bianca Sarpa (45ml) 195

Grappa Invecchiata Cleopatra (45ml) 280

Grappa Millesimata Sassicaia (45ml) 530

Grappa Tasting Experience (30ml x 3) 650

Limoncello Sorrentino 160

Sambuca bianca o nera 170

Amaro averna 150

*All our distillates and liquors are served in 60ml/2oz unless indicated otherwise.


Tiramisù Classico 165

Pannacotta all'AmarenaWith italian amarena cherries 130

Chocolate BrownieWith a scoop of ice cream145

Apple StrudelWith a scoop of ice cream165

Mascarpone CheesecakeWith red berry coulis160

Coppa di Frutti di Bosco Wild berries with cream or marsala wine190

Coppa di Gelato Ask for the variety of Italian Gelato140


Black ManhattanAmaro Averna, Rye Wild Turkey and Cinzano Rosso, with maraschino cherries.180Espresso MartiniEspresso, Sky Vodka and coffee liquor, shaken, with a pinch of salt.165Frangelico SorrentinoHazelnut liquor on the rocks with a lemon twist of Sorrento.150


To make your wine selection easier, each section of our wine list is arranged in a progressive order, i.e. from medium to full bodied, from pleasant to sophisticated taste and from medium to intense and persistent flavors.

Sommelier´s recommendation Organic or biodynamic wine Natural or minimum intervention wine Super Tuscan wine


Veneto, ItaliaProsecco - Cinzano Pro-SpritzGlera$850

Veneto, ItaliaProsecco, Valdobbiadenne DOCG - Brut Millesimato, V.SandiGlera$1070

Veneto, ItaliaVeneto IGT - Sergio 1887 Extra Dry, Mionetto (Rosado)Cuvée$990

Emilia Romagna, ItaliaLambrusco Reggiano DOC (Tinto)Lambrusco$690

Champagne, FranciaChampagne AOC - Brut, TaittingerChardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sémillon, Pinot Meunier$2,390


Veneto, ItaliaPinot Grigio Trentino DOC - Villa Vescovile $890

Puglia, ItaliaMalvasia, Puglia IGT - 12 e’Mezzo, Varvaglione$985

Sicilia, ItaliaInsolia Terre Siciliane DOC - Cusumano$870

Friuli, ItaliaPinot Grigio Doc, Ramato, Antonutti (Orange Wine)$1090

Marche, ItaliaVerdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC - Fazzi Battaglia$1090

San Luis Potosí, MéxicoChardonnay Reserve, Cava Quintanilla$1,230

Toscana, ItaliaVermentino Bolgheri DOC - Guado al Tasso, Antinori$1,180

Campania, ItaliaGreco di Tufo DOCG - Feudi San Gregorio$1,150

Alto Adige, ItaliaGewuztraminer Alto Adige DOC - Elena Walch$1,450

Umbria, ItaliaSauvignon Blanc Umbria IGT - Conte Vipera, Marchesi Antinori$1680

Alsace, FranciaRiesling Alsace AOC - Huge Pérel & Fils$1,590

Umbria, ItaliaUmbria IGT - Cervaro della Sala, Marchesi AntinoriChardonnay, Grechetto$2,980


Sicilia, ItaliaTerre Siciliane IGT - Rosé, TolaNero d’Avola$950

Toscana, ItaliaToscana IGT - VR Rose, Il BorroNero d’Avola$1250

Provence, FranciaCôtes de Provence AOP -Roumery, M.ChapoutierCinsault, Grenache, Syrah$1,280



Baja CaliforniaLes Grenaches, VinisterraGrenache$1080

Baja CaliforniaAlebrino, TrinergiaTempranillo, Merlot, Cabernet$990

Baja CaliforniaPies de Tierra, VinisterraCabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot$1,270

San Luis PotosíReserve, Cava QuintanillaNebbiolo$1,190

Baja CaliforniaMogor Badan, El MogorCabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot$1,950

San Luis PotosíEterno Legado, GonherSyrah, Cabernet Franc$1,650

Baja CaliforniaNebbiolo - VinisterraNebbiolo$2,400


AbruzzoMontepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC, BarbaMontepulciano$750

SiciliaSicilia IGT - PasquaNero d’Avola$850

SiciliaSicilia IGT -CusumanoSyrah$920

Friuli Venezia GiuliaPinot Nero IGT - JermannPinot Nero$1850

PugliaSalento IGT - Illvia, Leone de CastrisPrimitivo$990

PugliaSalento IGT - Il Lemos, Leone de CastrisSusumaniello$1,190

PiemonteNebbiolo d’Alba DOC - BosioNebbiolo$960

AbruzzoMontepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC -Riserva, VignafrancaMontepulciano$950

ToscanaRosso di Montalcino DOC - FantiSangiovese$1,250

ToscanaToscana IGT - Rubio, San PoloSangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Franc$1,310

ToscanaToscana IGT - Non Confunditur, ArgianoCabernet S., Merlot, Syrah$1,380

VenetoVeneto IGT - Gran PassioneMerlot, Corvina$990

PiemonteBarbera d’Alba DOC - Pio CesareBarbera$1,250

PiemonteBarolo DOCG - BosioNebbiolo$1,350

ToscanaChianti Classico DOCG - Riserva, Villa AntinoriSangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot$1,490

ToscanaToscana IGT - Le Volte, OrnellaiaMerlot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon$1,790

PugliaPrimitivo di Manduria DOC - Papale Linea Oro, VarvaglionePrimitivo$1,750

ToscanaBrunello di Montalcino DOCG - ArgianoSangiovese$2,690

ToscanaBolgheri DOC - Guado al Tasso, Cont’UgoMerlot$2,590

ToscanaBolgheri DOC - Il Bruciato, Marchesi AntinoriSyrah, Cabernet Blend, Sangiovese$1780

CampaniaTaurasi DOCG - Riserva, Feudi di San GregorioAglianico$1,990

PiemonteBarolo DOCG - Pio CesareNebbiolo$2,980

ToscanaToscana IGT - Il BorroCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot$3100

ToscanaToscana IGT - Le Serre, OrnellaiaMerlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc$3500

VenetoAmarone DOCG - Valpantena, BertaniCorvina, Rondinella$2,190

PugliaPrimitivo di Manduria DOC - Collezione, VarvaglionePrimitivo$1,980


ValladolidRibera del Duero - La Planta, ArzuagaTempranillo$980

ValladolidRibera del Duero Crianza, MatarromeraTempranillo$1,650


Rhône ValleyCôtes du Rhône AOC - Cuvée des GaletsGrenache, Carignan, Syrah$990

Rhône ValleyCrozes-Hermitage AOC - Petit Ruche, M. Chapoutier, Rhône NordSyrah$1,280

Rhône ValleyChâteauneuf du Pape AOC, M, Chapoutier, Rhône SudSyrah, Grenache, Mourvedre$2,690


PiemonteBarolo DOCG - Ornato, Pio CesareNebbiolo$3,900

VenetoAmarone della Valpolicella DOCG - Classico, AllegriniCorvina, Corvinone, Rondinella$4,800

ToscanaToscana IGT - Solengo, ArgianoCabernet, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Sangiovese$3,600

ToscanaBolgheri Superiore DOC - Guado al Tasso, Marchesi AntinoriCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot$5,600

ToscanaBolgheri DOC - Magari, GajaCabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot$5,200

ToscanaToscana IGT - Tignanello, Marchesi AntinoriSangiovese, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon$4,900

ToscanaBolgheri DOC - Sassicaia, Tenuta San GuidoCabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc$10,000

ToscanaBolgheri Superiore DOC - OrnellaiaMerlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc$9,700

ToscanaToscana IGT - Solaia, Marchesi AntinoriCabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese$15,000

ToscanaBolgheri DOC - Matarocchio, Marchesi AntinoriCabernet Franc$17,500

ToscanaBrunello d’Montalcino DOCG -Biondi Santi, Il GreppoSangiovese$8,500