Vecchio Forno

Family and Italian Tradition.


Our love and passion for authentic Italian cuisine dates back more than half a century, when our founder, Chef Luigi Cesarano, was born into an authentic rural Italian family in the south of Italy; a fortuitous event that blessed him with a sacred approach to food.

From a very young age, Luigi learned to grow the best ingredients, as well as the traditional methods for transforming animals into fine slices of salumeria. Similarly, Luigi remembers with great fondness learning from his father the art of winemaking, creating natural wines matured in amphore in his own home.


Naturally drawn to the world of high cuisine, Luigi graduated from the Sorrento School of Hotel Management and, soon after, he started a career that would lead him to run important kitchens in Naples, Milan, and Bern (Switzerland) for more than a decade. It was not until 1993 when the chef’s heart brought him to Mexico where, once settled, together with his wife and children, he opened the successful Italian restaurants Casa d’Italia (1995) and Vecchio Forno (2011).

Today, the Vecchio Forno trattoria is run by Luigi’s sons, the restaurateur twins, Patrizio and Nicolo, great connoisseurs of Italian cuisine and wines. The Cesarano brothers have brought to the restaurant new gastronomic creations as well as a more contemporary style, while preserving the flavors of authentic Italian food.


At Vecchio Forno everyone is welcome, whether it is for a romantic dinner, business lunch, solo dining, or a reunion among friends, our team will always be ready to welcome you. Likewise, so that everyone can enjoy of our food, our delicious pastas and pizzas can be ordered in their traditional style, but we also offer gluten-free or vegan choices.

To lunch or dine at Vecchio Forno, we have the option to book reservations online, by phone, or by simply dropping by and we’ll be happy to check you in. It is also possible to order takeout, either through food ordering apps or by clicking here on our website.

Vecchio Forno